Monday, March 2, 2009

Zoë's Turn

These are a few from Zoë. She has to get right in there as well, when Josh does his paintings! She almost always discards the paint brush eventually and ends up finger-painting instead. Whenever she finishes one, she brings it over to me and says, "Up, Mommy!" She wants me to hang them up, too, just like I do with Josh's.

This one is "Shades of Green."

I don't know what this one is
supposed to be, but I like it. :)

I love this one. It looks like
a little ballerina twirling really fast.

I had Josh help Zoë make the "frame."

This one here is "Fire."

Oh, Zoë's not just into paints. Check out the PlayDoh
"birthday cake" she made. She actually came to me and
said, "Ber-day, Mommy." I was quite impressed at how
creativeshe got with the sticks and the pom-poms.

I wish "art" is not so messy, though...

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