Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Love to Make Apple Juice

When I woke up from my nap today, Josh handed me these four little pieces of note paper carefully taped together (well, as carefully as a 4-year old could). He had made drawings on each of the side of all four papers. He had made a "book" all by himself he said, and wanted me to "write the words" as he told me the story.

Here is I Love to Make Apple Juice by Joshua Lim. I'm laying out the sequence here as he presented them to me, but it was interesting to note that the pages in his book flip to the right (like in old Chinese books).

He told me later that the "sad" face was Zoë because she didn't get
any apples, but he was going to make apple juice for her later
so that she would be happy.

He took the pen from me and wrote "D." When I asked him what
he was doing, he told me that he was going to write "this." *Grin*


The following pictures will give you an
idea of how he taped his book together.
Josh took his book with him to his Socatots class today to show to his friends, but he was very clear that he wanted the book back to show to his daddy, who's away on a business trip.


  1. He is very clever just to make a book for himself.Aunty i hope u let him use his own recipe book to make apple juice in the kitchen...Otherwise I'll teach him when i am there...

    P.S:Hope you get the broom and the dustpan ready to clean up after us..hahahahahahaha


  2. Hey, Natalie --we are SO looking forward to your visit! :)