Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Love to Cook

This is another "book" that Josh did today. Please note that you have to look at the pictures from right to left (that's how his flow goes).

YELLOW: I asked him where Zoë was and he told me that she wasn't born yet.
GREEN: That's lunch, being cooked. There are two frying pans: on one, he has an egg and on the other, he's making mushroom soup.

BROWN: After lunch, he goes to his friend's house.
ORANGE: His ice cream machine that makes many different flavors. A boiled egg. Cups.

GREEN: Josh's home.
BROWN: Josh and Zoë having fun, playing with balls.

Then Josh and Zoë had a picnic. Only sandwiches were on the blanket. The rest were still inside the picnic basket.

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