Friday, July 3, 2009

Simple Math

Josh has both his Phonics and his Math workbooks home from school. We’d try to do at least a couple of pages every day.

I’d ask him whether he’d like to do Math or Phonics and 95% of the time, he’d choose Math.

He has been working on addition and subtraction at school and it’s something that he seems to really take to quite well.

With this exercise, I’d simply asked him what the plus sign (+) and the minus sign (-) meant. He told me that “plus means to add something” and that “minus is to take away something.” Having established that he understood the concept, I challenged him to finish all 12 equations correctly. He said, “That’s easy, Mommy. What’s my surprise?” A bit of c*ckiness there.


I left him to his own devices and he did finish all after a few minutes. Correctly. No erasure, no mistake.

I then decided to let him try his hand at telling time.


Took him less than a minute before he called out, “All done, Mommy! Can I get my surprise now?”

Chocolate from Heaven


I love this watercolor painting that Josh did at school.   

There is a black cloud and an orange cloud, because “it’s almost night time.”

The big black blob is a rock.  Under the rock are pink “footprints.  So you won’t get lost.”

The other pink thing beside the tree is a “building.”

Ah, the best part of the drawing:  Next to the building is a big orange basket to catch all those “chocolates from God.”

Paper Plate Art: Fish


Chinese Characters: Sand


Chinese Characters: Water