Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stones | A Poem

Josh had to do a poetry scavenger hunt as his homework last week.  He had to read a series of poems in order to answer the ten questions that his teacher had assigned the class.  These were mainly silly, goofy poems from GigglePoetry.com. He had so much fun reading the poems that he got inspired to write his own.

Stones - A Poem (Oct 4, 2011)

Stones are big

Stones are small

Rocks are everywhere

Boulders are gigantic

and stones are ugly

and pretty

Rocks are magnets.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daddy and Zoë

Zoë is such a daddy’s girl, like every little girl should be.  When I see how they are together, it just melts my heart. 

Yes, the other person in the drawing is supposed to be Chris.  No, he is not in a dress.  According to Zoë, he’s wearing a pair of pants and he’s standing with his legs apart.  The pink thing on top of his head is not a flower, but a crown.  “Daddy’s the king and I am the princess.  Under a rainbow canopy, with flowers on top. 



The yellow strips at the bottom were from those plastic packaging strips that hold cartons together during shipment.  She got some from one of the boxes that came in for me and decided to cut them into short strips and glue them to the bottom of her drawing to “make it prettier.”

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Whiteboard Fun

How many ways could you find a use for those {red} round magnets on the whiteboard?  That was what Josh, Zoë, and I were trying to find out while waiting for Chris to finish work the other day.


Here are a few that we came up with…



I drew the clown and the birds; Zoë did the butterfly; the rest were Josh’s.


Zoë drew this one below and proceeded to sound out and write volcano (!).  The letters that follow –“dits it sl…” –are supposed to stand for “that is shooting…” and then she managed to sound out and spell lava.  Josh added Mount St. Helens.



Another one of Josh’s, of course –a bomber plane dropping bombs on a tank.  The shooting piece of the tank broke off, he said.



This is supposed to be a scene from the Angry Birds game –drawn by Josh.  The girl on the lower right corner playing with her pet birds was drawn by Zoë.



Princess Zoë’s self-portrait, with falling star.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Princess - 001


zoe's drawing (jun 7, 2011)

All of Zoë’s drawings lately are about princesses, flowers, cupcakes, butterflies, and all things pretty.  This one here is of a princess.  You could tell she’s a princess because she wears a crown.  The little green things near her neck are her “humps”;  I’d thought they were fairy wings.  When I asked her what those humps are for, Zoë said, “You know, those things on the shoulders of the dresses?” (The puffy little bell sleeves!)  For some reason, there’s a spotlight on the princess… and there is a “frog” on the roof of the house.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art… by Josh

It seems quite a while now since Josh made a drawing that’s not Star Wars-related, not battle-related.  It’s almost like he’s lost interest in drawing anything else.  So it was a very pleasant surprise that he came and showed me this:


This is supposed to a drawing of an elephant in the plains of Africa.  But of course, there’s a boatman there, too. Hmmm…  I asked Josh where the elephant’s ears are.  He said they’re invisible.  Also, the trunk is not long enough because he ran out of room on the paper.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011




Josh made this butterfly all by himself. He drew the butterfly, cut it out, decorated it.  He was inspired by the butterfly that Zoë brought home from school one day. {If I could find where it is, I will scan that one, too.  After seeing Josh decorate his with glitter glue, she decided to put some on her butterfly, too, and it came out really pretty!}

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mommy & Me by Zoë



Zoë came home from school today and excitedly pulled this out of her bag and said, “Mommy, I made this for you!”  She then proceeded to point out to me which each person is.  She said that she made a rainbow over my head and that the words spell I love you.  (And she almost got it right –I L-V U!)

Totally made my day.