Thursday, February 19, 2009

Artsy Afternoons

Josh had not been feeling well over the weekend and all he wanted to do was paint, play Mario Kart, paint, play Starfall, paint... Here are some of his output:

This one had been painted with our Lakeshore Brush-On Painters.
I love the vivid colors.

He used Alex poster paints with this one.

This one below is one of my favorites. It looks like koi (carp)
swimming about in a pond. Of course, if you ask Josh,
he'd tell you in painstaking detail how the dots
are actually "ammo" from which fire will shoot out...

I can't remember where we got the paint for this one,
but they're all glittery... really cool.

And I think this might be some undersea skirmish,
with all the sea nymphs swimming about in a frenzy.

You can tell my boy loves his colors!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homework Art (1)

I want to know: Does homework that is enjoyable count as home"work" or only those that you dread doing?

Josh has the occasional Big Book/Little Readers assignment from school, which we really enjoy doing together. What it is is that the school sends him home with a plastic envelope with the following inside:
  • A Big Book (Oversize book)
  • A sketch book
  • A list of suggested family activities relating to the theme in the Big Book
We have two days to finish at least one of the suggested activities on the list. Usually, it entails Josh making a drawing (related to what we had just read) and then I become his secretary and write as he dictates a "Story" about what he just drew.

We always look forward to getting that plastic envelope from school and it's always fun to see what drawings Josh comes up with.

The latest Big Book we got was Down by the Station and one of the suggested activities is to get him to draw his favorite vehicle from among the ones that we saw in the book, then he has to tell a story about it. Initially, he wanted to tell a story about Fanteener-tooner, the Double-Decker Bus (huh?), but he changed his mind and wanted to make a drawing of his school bus instead. (His favorite color is "rainbow," hence the many different colors on his bus.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Machines That Fight the Bad Guys

A series of drawings about "machines that fight bad guys." Go figure.

Be My Valentine

This is a series of Valentine's cards that Josh is working on. He's making one a day and has already reserved one each for his three girlfriends. :)