Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art… by Josh

It seems quite a while now since Josh made a drawing that’s not Star Wars-related, not battle-related.  It’s almost like he’s lost interest in drawing anything else.  So it was a very pleasant surprise that he came and showed me this:


This is supposed to a drawing of an elephant in the plains of Africa.  But of course, there’s a boatman there, too. Hmmm…  I asked Josh where the elephant’s ears are.  He said they’re invisible.  Also, the trunk is not long enough because he ran out of room on the paper.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011




Josh made this butterfly all by himself. He drew the butterfly, cut it out, decorated it.  He was inspired by the butterfly that Zoë brought home from school one day. {If I could find where it is, I will scan that one, too.  After seeing Josh decorate his with glitter glue, she decided to put some on her butterfly, too, and it came out really pretty!}