Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mother's Day Art

Josh has been all about "Mother's Day" since last week. Every day, he would be either talking about what we would do on that day or he'd be making something for Mother's Day.

His school will have a little Mother's Day celebration on Friday and has invited us to attend. I guess his teachers have been talking to them about the significance of the day. As well, the Playhouse Disney channel has been having all sorts of announcements and tips about what they can do to make Mother's Day special for their mommy. Josh has been paying attention.

Here is a "banner" he made for the Mother's Day party.

He even made a music sheet for the Mother's Day song that he has learned in his Mandarin class (只有妈妈好). He got me to do the G clef for the first two 'staffs' (is that what they're called?) and he did the G clef on the third one himself. It's funny how he would sing out lines from the song and then he would write the notes down, counting to make sure that he would have one note for each word.


  1. You are so lucky! I have to keep reminding my kids that Mother's day is Sunday! lol

  2. hey there,
    happy mother's day! thanks for stopping by my blog! :) your son's pictures are tooo cute, i wonder if you played the notes what would it sound like? i bet beautiful!