Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday Card

Here is a card that Josh did for Bailey, whose birthday party we attended today.

The outside back cover / Front cover

The outside back cover: Bailey is at a soccer field. She's the goalie and she just saved a goal by stopping the ball with her foot. That's her scooter in the foreground.

Front cover: Bailey picking flowers. He wanted to show Bailey doing that because "Bailey loves flowers."

The inside of the card

I had to cover up a little mistake on the right page, because Josh insisted that he didn't want to make another card. Everything else on the card is totally his (except for the additional names I put in under his and Zoë's.)

Josh is into making block letters lately... and lots of exclamation points!!!
He tells me what he wants to write and I spell out the words for him. In the short note above, he could spell out his own name, Zo
ë's and also "happy." *Proud mama*

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