Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I don't know what got into him, but Josh decided that he wanted to make a blanket. I wasn't sure how he would do that, but he came back with this:

He used a big piece of butcher paper and drew "designs" all over it. He then brought it over to Zoë, who just woke up from her nap, and handed it to her. He asked, "Isn't it beautiful, Zoë?" To which she replied in an awed voice, "Yah!" (I just love it when they have these mini-conversations between them.)

We then all sat down to admire the blanket and I started pointing to different items on his "blanket" and asked him what they they were. (Click on the image for a clearer view.)

Zoë would chime in and answer, too. When Josh pointed out the fish, Zoë said, "No. Balloons!" I have to say I wasn't exactly sure what they were and they looked like blimps to me, too.

Josh announced that that's the blanket that both he and Zoë would use tonight. I pointed out that it's a bit small and that it wouldn't cover both of them. He then patiently explained to me that "first night, it's for me; then the next night, it's for Zoë."

Ah, of course.

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