Friday, September 24, 2010

We Have Another Budding Artist!


She woke up one day and decided to draw… and just like that, Zoë presented us with these…



She got Josh to help her tape those two drawings together and then explained to us that that’s her “big family.”  She included her friends in this drawing of her “family.”  I’m the fifth one from the right on the top drawing.  According to her, I was “eating noodles.”  That’s why there are quite a few “lines” where my mouth is supposed to be.  Chris is the one with the biggest head in the second drawing.

I love that her “people” have hair and hands.  I love that she added the sun and the sky.  Mostly I love that every one of her “people” is wearing a big smile.

She also did this --


That’s supposed to be her and Josh.  That negative space in the middle of the drawing is where she had written down our surname.  I’d taken it out… but apart from that, every single part of this drawing is totally Zoë’s, with no help from us whatsoever.  She spelled hers and Josh’s name herself and more importantly, she wrote the letters herself!   I don’t think I could write, let alone spell at that age.