Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zoë’s Art


When Josh was doing those two paintings that I’d posted yesterday, Zoë –never to be outdone, –did two “paintings” of her own, too:

Kiddie art_0003a

Kiddie art_0004a

When I was praising Josh for how good his paintings were, Zoë asked, “How come you not tell me mine are good, too?”

I actually love the colors she has in hers and I thought hers are very modern-art-ish.  I’d told her just that and she was happy.


  1. Cute as can be. you should have them made into a book...
    thanks for visiting me today and leaving a comment.

  2. Those are great masterpieces!!!

    I studied architecture in college (which also meant taking a great deal of studio arts classes) and those pics rival some work done there!

    Fun blog.


  3. such a cute blog you have! :)

    and I love the colours of those two masterpieces. ^^


  4. I cannot figure out how to comment on your other blog...must be my computer, so I'm glad i could here. I appreciate your comments as always! Cracks me up that you could bungee jump, but not least I think I might have a slim chance of surviving with a parachute! LOL (-: