Tuesday, May 29, 2012


One of the joys of parenting is being on the receiving end of little treasures like these:





Zoë started working on hers when she came home at lunch time.  It started out as a simple ice cream cone.  Then she thought she would make punch-outs using glitter paper that we had lying around.  She had to abandon her project when we left to go to her dance class.

When we came back, Josh was home from school.  She showed Josh her project.  Josh wanted to make something, too. 

What a great afternoon it was.  The two of them –one on the floor, one at the little table, –working quietly together, occasionally offering an opinion or two.  If I so much as looked their way, they would both squeal out, “Don’t look!  We’re not ready yet.”

When they finally were, they proudly presented these to us.  They stood, one to each side, eagerly pointing out what they had done.   I love how earnestly they’d worked on these and how proud they were that what they did gave us so much pleasure.

Josh told us, “It’s more fun to give than to receive.”