Thursday, October 6, 2011

Daddy and Zoë

Zoë is such a daddy’s girl, like every little girl should be.  When I see how they are together, it just melts my heart. 

Yes, the other person in the drawing is supposed to be Chris.  No, he is not in a dress.  According to Zoë, he’s wearing a pair of pants and he’s standing with his legs apart.  The pink thing on top of his head is not a flower, but a crown.  “Daddy’s the king and I am the princess.  Under a rainbow canopy, with flowers on top. 



The yellow strips at the bottom were from those plastic packaging strips that hold cartons together during shipment.  She got some from one of the boxes that came in for me and decided to cut them into short strips and glue them to the bottom of her drawing to “make it prettier.”