Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Candy Garden


I guess Josh hasn’t really gotten over Halloween yet.  This is a drawing of a “candy garden” with all sorts of Halloween treats.



  1. We still have a ton of left over candy so if someone came to my house to draw they'd find a large bowl LOL.

  2. Very creative. I wasn't following you on this blog yet, but I am now!

  3. That's so cute :)
    I loved the idea of sharing the cute masterpieces of your little angels through a blog.
    That's pne of the most colorful blog headers I've come across so far.
    Thank you for sharing it all.


  4. Very cute:-) It is so neat to see what comes out of them... I try to do as many art activities with my two. I love to see what they put on paper (it's a lot of fun:-)

  5. wow, they are cute, I'm sure they will grow very artistic and talented. keep up the good work!

    I remember when my kids were still small and they all loved to draw, they got all their talents from their father who is a graphic artist, and they always won artist of the year in the school.