Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Beach

This drawing was inspired by a drawing that Cheche N. drew for Josh when she was here on a visit a couple of months back.

He loves that drawing and thinks it’s pretty. He told me tonight as he was drawing this, “I am going to make my drawings even more beautiful; that’s why I’m practicing now.”

I love the detail in this drawing –the “sea lilies,” the yellow/orange coconuts, the many, many seashells all over the sand. The colors did not come out very well in the scan, but there’s a very light beige wash at the bottom of the drawing to show the sand. He also took pains to explain to me that some shells are round and others are triangular. I just love the little whorl he did on the round ones.

Oh, the green lines on top that you see are “sea lilies, only they’re not flowering yet.”

The Beach

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