Friday, July 3, 2009

Chocolate from Heaven


I love this watercolor painting that Josh did at school.   

There is a black cloud and an orange cloud, because “it’s almost night time.”

The big black blob is a rock.  Under the rock are pink “footprints.  So you won’t get lost.”

The other pink thing beside the tree is a “building.”

Ah, the best part of the drawing:  Next to the building is a big orange basket to catch all those “chocolates from God.”


  1. What imagination! Do you do art daily? I am struggling to get my son past scribbles on paper guess he is into more of a jackson pollock period. If he uses the art easel and dry erase he will make roly poly people drawings!

  2. @golonghorns: Not exactly every day, although he does have a couple of sketch books that he can pull out whenever he feels like drawing. That saves him from bugging me to give him "clean paper" to draw on. :)