Sunday, June 7, 2009

Feathers for Lunch (Lois Ehlert)

Josh's "Big Book" this time was Lois Ehlert's Feathers for Lunch.

We read through the book, which featured many different birds, all very colorfully illustrated: Hummingbird, cardinal, woodpecker, mourning dove, bluebird, blackbird, etc. He's supposed to pick a "favorite" bird and then make up a story and draw on the sketch book.

This is what he did:

I love how he added wood chips (he called them "sand") falling down as the woodpecker pecks away at the tree trunk. I looked at the book again and it merely shows the woodpecker perched, pecking, but no wood chips.

He drew another bird and said that it's an eagle. You'll see it how he wrote the word eagle in "outline" letters.

The orange and blue objects under the word woodpecker are feathers, like the ones in the book.

Josh's letters are still sometimes quite big, but his handwriting is definitely improving. I love how he wrote woodpecker; the letters are more uniform in size. Oh, and he spelled cat all by himself! He can spell quite a number of simple words now.

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